The complete BID TALLY for DPW Supplies' is here, with a recording of the Bid Opening as well.  All bids received can be accessed by vendor: Aggregate, All States, Boro, Burke, DWP, EJ, Ferguson, GBSons, GLopes, Innovative, John Hoadley, Lynch, Noonan, Peterson, Riley Bros, SPK Steel, Safe Roads, TLEdwards.  One bid was received over a day late: Global.

SERSG routinely administers up to six bids annually for its members.  These are DPW Services, DPW Supplies, Drug and Alcohol Testing Services, Office Supplies, Paper, and Water & Sewer Treatment Chemicals.

After contracts are awarded, all documents between municipalities and vendors are produced and distributed by SERSG.  DPW Service contracts may be renewed for some items. 

Complete Bid Results for Water Chemicals is here along with a recording of the bid opening. All received bids can be accessed by vendor: Aries, ACP, Borden, Brenntag, Carus, Coyne, EOSi, Gulbrandsen, Harcros, Holland, JCI, Kemira, NBC, Roberts, Shannon, SNF, Univar.  One bid was received a day late: Chemrite, and two companies submitted No Bids: Geo, Pencco.  

And from the Paper Bid opening, results are here with the recording also available.  


AWARDs resulting from April bid openings are available here:  Water & Sewer Treatment Chemical Awards, Paper Award, and DPW Supply Awards .